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jahreswagen / nearly new car
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imageService and repairs are always carried out at the agreed time of the appointment.

You can wait in our waiting room while the requested works are being carried out.
If more suitable for you, you can also use one of our replacement cars at favourable rates.
Please make your appointment 1 week in advance, so we can always carry out the service at the requested date.

We will help you immediately with urgent repairs !
imageEXPO offer several financing options.
Financing available with or without deposit.

Choice between different formulas :
  • Installment loan
  • Leasing with different repayment periods

We will be happy to send you a quote at the best possible rates !
imageFinancial lease offer reserved for sole traders, companies and professionals.
Offer valid under reservation of acceptance of application.
VAT to be added to the monthly instalment mentioned.
The quote is always calculated on a 48-month lease period, a first increased invoice of 15%(*) and a residual value of 16%(*).
Quote under reservation of interim interest rate changes.

(*) percentage calculated on the invoice price

We are always at your service to draw up a tailor-made quotation at your request !
imageEXPO cars are always covered by a 1-year minimum warranty !

This warranty is extended if the manufacturer's warranty is longer than the minimum warranty period until the car is 2 years old.
The manufacturer's warranty just goes on and is valid in all European countries.
imageWith our Search Assistance function, you can register a search. 

Our system will then keep you informed automatically as soon as a car is available that meets your criteria.
You will be kept informed at all times of the available offers at EXPO.
imageExpo organise special promotions or open days regularly.

Input your email address in our Newsletter function and you will be informed
immediately of all events.
imageExpo are not only Jahreswagen Specialiste.

We are also very active in the sale and export of second-hand cars.
We are therefore perfectly placed for the realisation of the best take-over value for your car.
We are always at your service to estimate the value of your car.